About us

About us

Get to know us and the people who inspire us

Japanese cuisine – our life

What characterizes Azuki is attachment to tradition. Japanese cuisine is all the time striving for perfection, this is what is very important to us. “Do” means road in Japanese. We follow it without losing sight of our goal. Quality, perfection, flavor and perfection. You will find a seasonal and permanent menu.

Azuki draws from the best, hence the inspiration for us are such sushi masters as Takashi Saito, Mitsuhiro Araki or Yoshiharu Kakinuma, among others. We like to learn, although in our team we have sushi masters with over 20 years of experience who have learned from, among others, Japanese.

We source the best ingredients from the best suppliers, thanks to which each ingredient of our dishes is repeatedly checked.

We want to serve you the best of the best not only sushi but also warm dishes.

Each dish is a separate story for us, which we write on the plate.

What makes us stand out?

We are distinguished by attention to detail, individual approach to each order, aesthetics, and the correct handling of raw materials. We strive to be perfect!

Features of the perfect sushi

Sushi with delivery Gniezno and surroundings

Order via the app

We provide you with a mobile application for phones and tablets. You can order through it much faster and easier when you are not at your computer. The app is the easiest way to order our perfect sushi with free delivery.

Delivery in a large area

You will try our dishes, even if you are from outside Gniezno. We deliver, among others, to Czerniejew, Trzemeszno or Kłeck and to many other smaller towns. Contact us and find out more about deliveries!

Online orders

You can easily order from us not only through the application but also through our website. You will find many "Order Now" buttons. Click on it and check our current offer. Payment is made at our supplier by card or cash.

We are inspired by the best

Azuki is not only sushi and other dishes of Japanese cuisine. Azuki is passion and attention to the smallest details to match the best. The following figures of characters are a great inspiration for us in preparing the best sushi every day. It is from them that we derive the most important values. They instilled in us that making sushi is not just food preparation, but a kind of art that requires time, heart and soul. We are convinced that the science we draw from the best will make us the best for you!

Takashi Saito

Master Saito is one of the younger Sushi Masters. He was born in 1972. He developed his skills in the Kyubei restaurant located in Tokyo. Saito boasted three Michelin whistles. What characterizes Saito, apart from great and extraordinary cuisine, is that his restaurant is very small. Intimate. Only eight people can fit there. It was hard to fit there before. However, after obtaining the third star, making a reservation was almost a miracle. This was the main reason why Saito was stripped of this elite title.

However, it wasn’t the stars that made Saito. Master Takashi also attracted people with his person. He is very extroverted. From the very entrance, you can feel the warm aura of its restaurant. Thanks to this approach, people who come to Sushi Saito feel as if they were really chosen. From the experiences of people who have eaten sushi, we can hear that it is not just creating a dish. This is a play in which Saito is the director and his sushi is the main character. The master focuses on a kind of very traditional cuisine, as he puts it himself, even orthodox. 


It is very important for Master Saito to understand the cuisine and dishes. In Azuki this is also the most important thing, so we have the saying “you have to understand RICE to be able to make sushi”. We want to give you the best possible dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. We also pay great attention to seasonality. As Saito himself says, Sushi can only find its expression depending on the seasons, which makes it difficult for chefs to work out something else within these limits. The same fish will taste different in spring, summer, fall and winter. We also hear from his lips that it is important to give your best, as well as technique and sensitivity. That is why we guarantee that at Azuki you will always experience it and you will always be satisfied with the food we serve you.

Mitsuhiro Araki

Mitsuhiro Araki

The head of Araka can be said to be a cult figure on the world’s sushi map. He is the only Japanese master who managed to receive and maintain three Michelin stars in two of his restaurants. It is worth adding that he did it on two different continents. We are talking about restaurants in Tokyo and London. As he says himself, at the beginning of his career he did not have a clearly defined life goal. After some time, he moved to Sydney because of his fascination with Western food, among other things. In Australia, he also worked in a restaurant there. As he says himself, the admiration on the faces of the people who ate his sushi made it a turning point in his life. From that moment on, he knew making sushi would be a career until the end of his days.

After returning to Japan, Araki spent nine years at the Izumi sushi restaurant in Tokyo. There he honed his skills in the perfect preparation of a Japanese specialty. There he also worked with the master Niitsu Takeaki, who showed him insightfully how to build bridges between customers and the food he serves. It inspired Araka’s boss a lot. “The most important thing is to drop prejudice and take into account customer preferences,” says Master Mitsuhiro.


There are a lot of things in common between Araki and Azuki. It is important for us to handle the ingredients very carefully. But not only that. The customer is equally important to us. We want to satisfy your hunger and curiosity about Japanese cuisine. Mitsuhiro Araki’s philosophy is to constantly develop and strive for perfection. You will also prove it with us by trying our dishes. We pay special attention to the general, as well as to details, to each order.

Yoshiharu Kakinuma

If you could describe Kakinuma in one sentence, one thing could be said. 3 Michelin stars. However, he is such an original character that it is worth writing more than one sentence about him. To get to know his profile, it is worth starting at the beginning that he comes from a family that has the mastery of sushi making in their blood. His grandfather and father were sushi masters. However, not only under their supervision, Kakinuma trained his skills. The development of the young Yoshihar was also supervised by Yoshitake’s boss, who was a friend of the Kakinuma family. The talent of the adept was noticed by Yoshitake, who made an exception for Yoshiharu and as a sushi master he taught his intern, which does not happen very often.

Before Kakinuma opened his restaurant, he spent a lot of time outside of Asia. Yoshiharu honed his English language for 10 years, staying in New York and Atlanta. Only after this time did he return to the continent of contrasts and set up his Sushi Shikon restaurant in Hong Kong. During the first year of operation, the restaurant earned him two Michelin stars. After a year, the French guide awarded him a third star. All because of the attention to detail, perfection and due diligence in serving and creating dishes. An example is the fact that Sushi Shikon has the freshest sushi ingredients imported directly from Tokyo.

At Azuki, we want to refer to the philosophy of master Kakinuma. That is why you will always find fresh ingredients of known origin, and you will also notice great care for our food, which is our life passion.